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collage poem 1 part 5

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collage poem 1 part 3

Instead of Sleep


The city lights with their artificial amber

blare like a dog whistle all night long.


Don’t ask the questions you’re not asking;

what are answers but the temporal explanations we throw away eventually, or sooner

when we realize over and over again

how *stunningly* wrong we are.


This isn’t the clenched jaw of desire.

These are not the frozen muscles of fear.


I am not waiting for anything but daybreak’s commotion

to disrupt the stagnant so strong

it fills my nostrils with its heavy ozone.


I don’t want to talk, but I need to word.


They call out of their dreams

for water water in the red desert

and I drip it between their parted lips and onto their scrunched foreheads:


I am the sleepless rainmaker,


eyes exhausted of light in the dark-poor midnight.


I am the collarless watchdog,


biting at my own strange ankles

until I’m no longer a threat.

When There is So Much Skin


It’s hard to write a poem when there is so much skin –

so I’ll breathe a line that sears against your reddening,

make you feel every restrained sonnet,

gushing diary entry,

crazed burning riot that I compose,

not for, but on each blood blister and irregular mole,

a haiku in spit for your thick hard dick.

Hold my face in your two hands, take no word for granted as I paint them

all over your body.


You become the words I dream about,

a stunningly subtle and potent language,

words un-graspable in daylight:

heavy like hungry or umber for the pendulous way your eyes glaze,

the ripening, juicy hanging of the air, like swimming through a thickening wine

all expectant tannins with the decaying fruits of our sopping lust.


I’m convulsing the poetry out,

exorcising each phoneme,

incanting syllables into your sex, your depth,

bruising them into you.


You fuck me with Shakespeare, the bible,

every word and each halting intake of breath –

little death, little death –

you break me against your silences,

our clothed sadomasochism

done in full rooms

with things we pretend to say to other people.


I language you,

huffing it from your ringing mouth.

I syntax and letters you,

wetly and so slowly

consonants give way to vowels,

I verb you! I verb you!

Intoning un-writable poems into the strange city night,

rhyme-less and wordless,

urgent like red and the wide of your eyes

as you tell me a story within a story

using just one word

over and over

it sounds like promise

or tongue

like naked,

it sounds like –