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My heart is ready for war. 


The politician asked me:

            But what of honor?

            seeing none;

so I’ll gory the battle

armor-less and tall

if it’ll prove you’re not a poem. 


The only arms I take up

are my own, still shaking from your closeness

but strong enough

to hold out my damp heart to the fray,

to hold onto faith like fish’s thrashing

to hold this sacred ground.


The world has gone to war.


Towns and cities thick with gas,

black with blood and broken glass –


            the urgency is deafening.


Love me quick now

before they take my body

before they take your home

before there is no more love to make.


            we MUST make love.


They’re planting bombs beneath libraries,

read me every story so our children can sleep.


There’s no more time for fear

the worst is already on its way,

the guns are the least of it.


I will make my flesh transparent

since there’s nowhere to hide. 


I will stand in your yard and watch for tanks.

I will light myself on fire if they try to take you

and run into their arms like a child to the great mother,

burning them to ashes with my love