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The Everybody Slam is reviving!  

May 31st (Saturday) at 8pm at the Community Center above the CO-OP in Plainfield, VT.

Bring your ears.  Bring something to write on and with.  Bring your poems.  Bring your open heart ❤

Last time it was a packed house and the energy was amazing!  Let’s make this one even better!  

Places I Go

Tuesday Nights (consistently) – Sweet Melissa’s in Montpelier, Vermont for open mic night.

Wednesday (today) – Whammy Bar in Maple Corners, Calais VT for open mic night. 


Also – for those of you who caught wind of / attended the Everybody Slam this winter, another one is in the works!  Keep your eyes peeled for updates around the end of May/early June ~




Some folks I know are putting this one. It’s pretty awesome. You should totally attend.

How can I poem you?


The entire universe knows itself

through the curl of your toes,

the effortless swing of your dance-flung arm,

carrying kismet on the soles of your feet

and in the bold laugh

quaking your smooth belly.


I’m inspired by how body does not restrain you

but allows,

the enthralled discovery of your container temporary –

your bones

echoing against your flesh,

your spirit extending graceful

beyond your permeable borders

and how it shivers against mine.


As well I know

every particle is formed from love

your coalescence of being

remembers this simple truth;

it pours from you

and rushes beautiful

beyond language,


but palpable, transferrable.


So, like dance

telling stories through moment

I’ll write around you

hoping to conjure some secondhand sheen

in the wide of your bright eyes

and the true of your smile

on paper,


as futile as calling a glass of water the ocean,

as important

as drinking it anyway.

Upcoming Events!

For those of you in the Central VT region there will be an erotic/romantic poetry slam happening at the Tulsi Tea Room in Montpelier on Valentines day starting at 7pm (6pm for cupcake decorating with the kiddos).  What better way to celebrate the love holiday than with some aphrodesiac cacao concoctions and sultry poetry? 


Also on the horizon is the second edition of WordCraft!  A monthly wandering poetry and hip hop celebration that will be sprouting up in Hardwick VT February 21st from 8-10pm at the open space 2nd floor of the Hardwick Inn 4 South Main Street, Hardwick, Vermont. 


Hope to see you there! 

Another upcoming poetry event!  On Valentine’s Day, Friday the 14th of February at the Tulsi Tea Room in Montpelier, VT we will be holding an erotic/romantic poetry reading!  More details to come 🙂 


Another Slam!

Another Slam!

Tomorrow (Friday the 31st) myself and a handful of poets will be hosting a slam at the Plainfield Community Center in Vermont starting at 6:30pm. The Everybody Slam is what we hope will be a monthly event where established and aspiring poets of all ages and experience levels can come together to write and perform poetry! If you’re in the area – come check it out!