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you said

and so I gave it to you:

fearlessly sumptuous, irreverent, naked,


closing your eyes to savor,
opening them to watch them fall from my mouth
for you,

and after each
a pause


drinking them down like shots
going straight to your head.

we couldn’t see the moon from the car
so ventured out
into the late night dim
of the lush graveyard

and we still couldn’t find her,
but you found my mouth,
and I found the sweet smoothness
of the skin beneath your shirt

and we found four-in-the-morningchiming from the heart of town
far below us
as you laid inside me
shivering in the dew-ing grass
alive! alive!
in the old cemetery

heralding the deep cornflower blue of morning
as the hushed stars retreated
back behind the layers
of approaching dawn.

you said then,
out loud,
that you were meant to find me
but I didn’t say another word —

didn’t have to

the birds sang:
                       good morning!
                       good morning!
                       good morning to you!

Instead of Sleep


The city lights with their artificial amber

blare like a dog whistle all night long.


Don’t ask the questions you’re not asking;

what are answers but the temporal explanations we throw away eventually, or sooner

when we realize over and over again

how *stunningly* wrong we are.


This isn’t the clenched jaw of desire.

These are not the frozen muscles of fear.


I am not waiting for anything but daybreak’s commotion

to disrupt the stagnant so strong

it fills my nostrils with its heavy ozone.


I don’t want to talk, but I need to word.


They call out of their dreams

for water water in the red desert

and I drip it between their parted lips and onto their scrunched foreheads:


I am the sleepless rainmaker,


eyes exhausted of light in the dark-poor midnight.


I am the collarless watchdog,


biting at my own strange ankles

until I’m no longer a threat.