I want to make you sizzle,


shudder and burn under my mouth;

the salt of my fingers corrosive

against your prickling nerves. 


I want to watch the muscles of your stomach tighten as I drag my teeth across you,

to watch you relinquish delicious

every morsel of your power.


Become the conduit, live wire,

the sacred whore I ride into the sublime.


I can tell you relish abandon,

slip easy when lovingly guided to the edge,

and beyond,

into boundlessness.


I’ll hook you into the circuitry divine,

leave no particle of you unattended to,

cut slowly into the quick,

through the sting into ecstasy:

the consuming fire I light beneath you. 


I want you naked before me,

for you to slowly slough each layer of skin and human,

revealing that sensitive fire jewel

whose heat I stoke with each breath. 


You will surrender sweet,

sink down to your quaking knees

and I will take your precious face in my claws,

and give you something


            to pray about.




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