Like a Glisten …

Like a Glisten or Sheen in my Vision


I want to amorphous with you,

bleed border-less.


This distance isn’t difficult, but palpable,

a worried stone in my pocket,

the slow-fraying thread I pick.


Your face ghosts each hour:

a tense overlap

                 I opaque over.


I am molting red

but near sun

cures raw quick.


Need is negotiable

but some haunting of the bed

               colors my loving.


I remember shuddering under your big,

your noiseless roar,

my prey surfacing beneath

                 your bristle

                              your landslide.


I didn’t know I was waiting

until you stood too close.


I didn’t ocean

until shipwrecked;

               you can’t tell water no,

               what borders are.


I covet you like storm-telling wind

tousling fields with its omen –

the electric message sent

before the drench.


I do not wait for you

like a promise

or a curse.


I carry you like a photo in my wallet,

like a bomb burst.

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