This poem shoul…

This poem should be read as part II to Nonogamous.


You lion.

No roar but a dangerous purr,

my prey between your hands

but you’re no hunter;


we touch noses,


               all small meldings

              twisting the ache.


This heart blathers

to my caving reason.

This spleen and gut,

my shuddering lungs:

all clamoring

while I refuse translation

of morse code to emotion.


Sink your mouth into mine like a knife.

Bleed me like old medicine.


There are whole countries in these inches –

I’ve lost my passport

so I must smuggle to you

barefoot and barbed wire.


I sit before your mute statue

begging for your kingdom

while duty marches cross your stone lips

even as they animate under my

ephemeral kiss.


I’ll cling to your mane

until sunlight’s betrayal,

until they drag me out by my featherless wings,

flinging me into the wildfire

like I know how to phoenix.

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