Succulent mouth…

Succulent mouthful of mouth, tastes like nothing.


I braid your curls into my fingers, lick your eyebrows, sin your forgiveness.


Grab a hunk of sex, fist of glossy hair.


Fuckfingers reach to bend night close, huddling dark redness.


Foreheads meld, limbs rorschach.


Hover at the tremble of my neck, napes of my knees, ankle shells.


Hotbreath my moan, whimper/pray into gaping.


I reverberate your growling appreciation, shivery-shocked, curling toebones.


I am starving lamb, groveling your brothel, offering my hungry.


I am pink, pink, drunk nerve endings, flooded engine, gulping lust, drowned delicious.


I am quiverdancing; it is deafening.


I am you, I am drugging like magic, oblivion.


I am a burst of sunshine

                        daytiming the night.

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