Wow, so it’s been over a week since I’ve posted anything (so much for my intent to post something new every 1-3 days, oops!) but, back on track!  Boy home visiting does make doing anything else diffiuclt *wink*, but from here on, posts should go back to being more regular.  Here’s a poem about frustration.  Grrr!  


Mercury in Retrograde


Computers aren’t cooperating.

Neither will supermarkets.


Traffic is shitty,

air: thick, hot, clingy,


and I can’t make it go/do!

but I can sob on the floor,

can curse and gurgle

until only sleep is left,

if it will let me. 


I am desperate with despair,

nose runny with despair,

face twitching,


frenzied with despair. 


I stumble along the borderline of depression again,

working so hard to push away from that

sharp edge,

but drunkenly I sway so near,


and I have

no money,

no honey,

but oh I am FLUSH with time;

swimming through nightmarish hours within each minute of


you’re-not-here time,

waiting-in-line time,

slow-mo-lasses time.


I don’t even believe horoscopes anymore.

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